Shackles The correct recovery equipment when 4WDriving is the first thing you should invest in. Using incorrect or wrongly rated gear can lead to serious injuries and damaged vehicles. One of the most important pieces of recovery equipment is shackles. These are used in almost every recovery and enable undertaking various types of

Minimum Requirements Twin Rivers 4x4 Club Convoy Rules lists mandatory equipment to be carried on trips. All vehicles whether driven by visitors or members must comply with the Club’s minimum requirements when participating in a Club trip. You are required to carry or fit the following equipment in your vehicle while on trips:

 EasyMediumDifficultVery Difficult  Expected Terrain & Track Conditions  Mostly unsealed roads with no obstacles and minor gradients.    Tracks with some steep and/or rock/slippery/sandy sections.  May have shallow water crossings.    Tracks with frequent steep and/or rock/slippery/sandy track section.  Possible water crossings.  Tracks with frequent very steep and/or rocky/slippery/sandy track sections.  May

The Citizen Band Radio Stations (CBRS) is a two-way, short distance, voice communication service that provides a cheap, reliable means of communication. The service operates in two frequency bands: High frequency (HF) – (26.965 – 27.405 MHz) rare now days.Ultra high frequency (UHF) – (476.4125 – 477.4125 MHz) our club radios. UHF radios use

Seven Rules for Snatch Strap Recoveries 1. NEVER use a tow ball as an attachment point. 2. ALWAYS use rated recovery points. Ensure you know BEFORE you go off road.  3. ALWAYS use a cable dampener on the strap. 4. ALWAYS ensure everybody except the driver is out of the vehicle and at a safe distance. 5. ALWAYS, where

The Twin Rivers 4X4 Club has been conducting Accredited Driver Training courses for its members since 2005. As our club is a not for profit organization our driver training courses represent excellent value for money but most importantly, instruct owners of 4WD vehicles in the skills required to safely pilot their

Twin Rivers 4×4 Club

We believe that to not just be the same old run of the mill 4WD club, that we need to connect with people. To embrace everyone, their interests, their talents and their experiences. We do this by sharing, by welcoming and by embracing every single member to our club, making them feel like they belong and feel they are supported along their 4WDing journey.


Monthly meetings at beenleigh bowls club, 11 Hanover st. Beenleigh, QLD.