The Twin Rivers 4X4 Club has been conducting Accredited Driver Training courses for its members since 2005. As our club is a not for profit organization our driver training courses represent excellent value for money but most importantly, instruct owners of 4WD vehicles in the skills required to safely pilot their vehicle both on and off the road.

The Trainers and Assessors are accredited under the guidelines set by the 4WDQLDTraining.

Units of competency offered:-

4WD Course:-          RIIVEH305F Operate and Maintain a 4WD vehicle

Advanced Course:- FWPCOT3329 Perform Complex 4×4 Operations

                                   FWPCOT3326 Recover 4WD vehicle

As a minimum the main driver from each membership must complete the 4WD course within 6 months of joining “Twin Rivers 4X4 Club” unless specific approval is granted by the Training Coordinator and the Management Committee

4WD Training Course Introduction

The course is competency based. There are theory sessions as well as driving sessions, which include written and practical tests. It is not designed to teach experience, which comes only after many years of actually driving in conditions that your vehicle is designed for.

The course will teach you the basic principles of Safety, Trip Preparation, Vehicle Maintenance and Servicing, along with knowledge of the fundamentals of a 4WD and the vehicles capabilities as well as basic driving techniques and recovery procedures.

Each course is broken up into theory and practical components designed to educate the most experienced member. Courses includes 1 day of theory to familiarise participants with 4WD vehicles, discuss how they work and how to inspect them for basic faults. Theory components cover many aspects of driving.  Some of these subjects include:

Vehicle types and capabilities                      

How a 4WD works

Tyre selection, inflation and use       

Pre-trip and during trip vehicle equipment and safety inspections

Environmental Awareness              

Different techniques for driving in varying terrains

The practical component consists of a full weekend where participants have the opportunity to learn and experience all of the different aspects of basic 4WDing in the field. Some of the topics covered on the weekend training include:

Principles of 4WDriving 

Stop stall key start recoveries

Driving up and down moderate inclines 

Driving techniques for different terrains

Approach, departure and ramp over angles         

Driving on side slopes

Driving through water                                                   

Changing a tyre in uneven terrain

Snatch strap recoveries                                                

Driving to cause minimal environmental impact

Using Convoy Procedure

The 4WD Course must be completed prior to undertaking the Advanced Course

For more information about any courses please contact the clubs Driver Trainer

Twin Rivers 4×4 Club

We believe that to not just be the same old run of the mill 4WD club, that we need to connect with people. To embrace everyone, their interests, their talents and their experiences. We do this by sharing, by welcoming and by embracing every single member to our club, making them feel like they belong and feel they are supported along their 4WDing journey.


Monthly meetings at beenleigh bowls club, 11 Hanover st. Beenleigh, QLD.