At the commencement of the trip, the Trip Leader shall arrange the convoy order and nominate a vehicle to be last in the convoy (Tail End Charlie).

All vehicles shall stay in the convoy order unless directed otherwise by the Trip Leader.


Convoy communication shall be by the designated UHF Radio channel selected. The Twin Rivers 4×4 Club’s channel is 9 UHF.

If you are unable to make radio contact, flash your headlights onto the vehicle ahead. This is a signal for the rest of the convoy to stop.

Keep unnecessary chatter on the radio to a minimum when navigating difficult areas.

If in any doubt of the best/safest way to proceed through hazards/obstacles, ask the Trip Leader or a more experienced driver for advice. Remember you probably won’t be the only one experiencing difficulty.

Acknowledge all radio calls from the Trip Leader.


It is the responsibility of all drivers within the convoy to ensure they remain behind the Trip Leader and in front of the “Tail-End Charlie”, except under exceptional conditions, where the Trip Leader gives permission for the convoy to break formation.

Keep a safe distance behind the vehicle you are following at all times, to facilitate other road users who wish to overtake, allow for speed variations of the vehicle in front, and to allow a safe stopping distance between vehicles.

On arrival at an intersection where no vehicle is waiting and the driver is in doubt as to the correct direction, they shall attempt to contact another member of the convoy (preferably the Trip Leader) and confirm the direction they should take. If attempts to contact the convoy fail, they should back track to a point they are confident was on the route taken by the convoy and stop to wait for the convoy to return.

You are responsible for the vehicle behind you and at any decision point (corner, deviation, obstacle):

  • Wait for the following vehicle
  • Indicate where to go (use indicators if appropriate)
  • When acknowledgement is received, then proceed

Drive at your COMFORTABLE and SAFE speed. Generally, keep 4-6 vehicle lengths distance between vehicles and keep the convoy moving.

On steep inclines/obstacles:

  • Proceed one vehicle at a time
  • Call the next vehicle through when you are clear
  • Pay attention to fire restrictions. Extinguish your fire before leaving. Don’t let your exhaust emit sparks. Every care should be exercised in the art of lighting fires and the control of fires.
  • Keep to restrictions on public land. Respect national parks and their conservation areas, especially with relation to die-back.



Observe road rules at all times. Trip Leader and TEC (tail end Charlie) to be appointed for each trip.

Trip Leader to call a group meeting prior to the start and remind members of the convoy rules.

Trip Leader also organizes all members to fill out Trip Sheet.

If leaving the convoy for any reason, signal other vehicles to pass and inform TEC of your intentions.

TEC stops with member and waits for him to resume his place in the convoy.

No members to leave the trip early without prior arrangements with Trip Leader.

All drivers are responsible for their passengers. All drivers are responsible for the vehicle BEHIND them and take note of that vehicle.

Each vehicle must WAIT at each intersection until the next vehicle can observe the direction of the route undertaken.

The following vehicle shall acknowledge any change in direction by use of the vehicle indicators.

Keep a safe distance behind the vehicle in front at all times especially in hilly country, dusty conditions or when brakes are wet.

In difficult terrain allow the vehicle in front to get to the crest before you attempt to follow. Also allow the vehicle in front to negotiate a downhill slope before you attempt the same.

No vehicle to pass the Trip Leader except in an emergency.

If a driver requires assistance, he is to repeatedly flash headlights or call on UHF ch9.

When a recovery is necessary, a recovery supervisor is to be appointed by the Trip Leader and will be in charge of the recovery.

 All vehicles on trips must have rated recovery points fitted front and rear and carry minimum recovery gear ie shovel, snatch strap, rated D shackles or bow shackles, UHF radio and recommended – fire extinguisher and first aid kit

The second vehicle in the convoy will pull aside and open and shut gates rejoining the convoy in front of the TEC.

Any driver not complying with the convoy rules or instructions given by the Trip Leader will be referred to the Committee for disciplinary action.

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